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  • Do you manage Google Ads or social media ads accounts?
  • How often do you get the chance to check them?
  • Are you using all the features they have to offer?
  • Finding it difficult to keep up with all the platform changes?
  • Do you use Google Ads to road map client growth so they increase their spend with you?

    Rather than become frustrated with Google Ads management, hire a specialist outsource partner with over 10 years experience managing digital marketing accounts. Data and Digital Marketing offers outsourced white labelled digital marketing services, freeing you up to work with your client while we do the hard yards in the background, 365 days a year without holidays or leave. All our services are done in-house unlike many white label agencies who rely on outsourced assistance. Our Professional Indemnity Insurance also provides peace of mind when working with your larger clients.

    Our specialty at Data and Digital Marketing is in setting up effective tested strategies, rich in data, to provide growth and guidance for your clients. These strategies will also help you with your own company's digital marketing to find new clients and build your business.



    As every agency holds their cards close to their chest, how can you tell if your digital marketing is set up well? Google and Facebook do not provide strategy handbooks, so how do you gauge your campaigns?

    Data and Digital Marketing has audited campaigns run by many different agencies and will provide a one page report so you know what you have covered well and what needs improving. The report includes:
  • Website SEO check including use of title, headers and homepage speed.
  • Check Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration, including goal conversion tags on contact points, audiences, and user segmentation
  • Google Ads accounts for items such as Quality Scores, scheduling, location targeting, negative keywords, audience targeting, advert structure, extensions, as well as proper linking to Google Analytics for conversion recording and audience retargeting.
  • Check Facebook pixel and audience set up, as well as look at advert campaigns for proper targeting and messaging.


    Data and Digital Marketing Services provide an SEO setup service plus an SEO check at regular intervals, say quarterly.

  • Search terms analysis of the target market(s)
  • Google Lighthouse website assessment
  • Align homepage content with keywords including page title, meta-description and main headers
  • Refine other homepage content (the more words, the less SEO strength any particular words has)
  • Check image sizes for resizing or compression to improve speed, and align alt tags with keywords
  • Check CSS structure, and if WordPress, check for plugins that can be deactivated causing 'bloated' coding and slower speeds
  • Create, or check, Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration
  • For Google Analytics, set up segmented traffic views, goal conversions and audiences
  • Access to a five page online marketing report with date toggle
  • Create, or check, Google My Business listing
  • Website hosting recommendations

  • SEO audit reviewing website changes since last check
  • Website traffic analysis focusing on user paths and assisted conversions
  • Keyword search report detailing competitor rankings
  • Changes to homepage and relevant internal page content
  • Investigate relevant backlinking, for example, Chamber of Commerce or local business directories

    Ultimately, SEO is dependent on user experience, particularly return traffic. Once a website has been optimised, it is crucial to send traffic to the site. Therefore, our long term SEO strategies include a Google Display banner campaign because they have the lowest cost per click of all digital ads, sending through the most traffic.

  • Standard Five Page Online Marketing Report


    Our Google Ads accounts are monitored 3-4 times per week ensuring a campaign hasn't been paused because of a payment issue or disapproved advert.

    Detailed reports are provided monthly including strategy recommendations. This way, you can sit down with your client and provide data-based guidance for their business decisions.

    If your client is worried someone else has access to their campaigns, then supply a login for your Google Ads Manager Account. Our campaign performance will then also contribute to your Google Partner status.

    Our Google Ads management services are charged monthly (no lock-in contracts) and based on tiers of projected total Google Ads spend (not including GST):
  • Tier 1: $0 - $1200/month
  • Tier 2: $1201 - $2400/mth
  • Tier 3: $2401 - $3600/mth
  • Tier 4: $3601 - $4800/mth ...and so on
    How this budget is spent does not affect the management fee. You could have three different types of Google Ads campaigns running as long as the budget remains within the spend range.

    Data and Digital Marketing manages the following types of Google Ads campaigns:
  • Google Search
  • Google Display
  • Google Shopping
  • Google YouTube

    Our Google Ads management includes:
  • Proposal with campaign recommendations, keywords and advert content for approval
  • Campaigns are linked to Google Analytic's goals for Google's machine learning platform to learn the behaviour of successful visitors and automatically optimise campaign performance
  • We use one adgroup to one keyword to allow adverts to be modified to optimise Quality Score
  • Adverts are made with a dynamic advert structure, with multiple titles, descriptions, and in some cases, images and video. Google mixes these together, and through machine learning, learns which combinations have the best chance of conversion
  • Monitoring of search terms activating your client's Google Search ads, adding negative terms to remove irrelevant searches
  • Google Display uses demographic and interest targeting, while we exclude the appearance of ads on children's apps and websites
  • Google Display also includes similar audience and retargeting when activated by sufficient visitor numbers
  • Google Shopping includes smart shopping which retargets visitors with Display banner adverts based on products viewed
  • Demographic performance, interest group performance and device use are monitored to remove the lowest performing sectors and focus on the best areas for conversion
  • Advanced services like A/B split testing for higher level accounts
  • Access to an online marketing report which details conversion rates, Quality scores, impression share and competitor performance
  • Monthly reports including an overview of website traffic and Google Ads performance, focusing on the rates of change from one month to the next with campaign recommendations

    Social Media Advertising

    Given people look at social media daily, advertising on social media is a great way to build awareness of your brand and products. Social media also provides good demographic feedback providing insight into whether your targeting is hitting the mark.

    Our social media advertising campaigns include:
  • Set up of social media pixel on website and creation of audience targeting group
  • Proposal detailing campaign type, for example Facebook or Instagram, and advert content for approval
  • Set up of matrix of adverts to test different images and messaging
  • Retargeting and similar audience campaigns when website visitor levels are reached
  • Monthly reports detailing advert performance and recommendations for optimisation



    From managing accounts for a range of clients, big and small, city and regionally based, we have developed a whole range of proven digital marketing strategies. These include areas like campaign set up, methods to test ideas, to systems to improve customer retention. Below are some examples of the strategies we use at Data and Digital Marketing.

    Google Display for New Solutions
    Google Search is the main focus of many campaigns because this is normally where customers are who are looking for your goods or services. However, if your business is selling a new type of product or tackling a new type of problem, your customer may not connect the two limiting Google Search's effectiveness. In this case, using Display banner ads can be a better strategy, targeting people who have the problem and taking advantage of the cheaper cost per click to get a wider market reach. Multiple ads can be used to test and optimise different messaging, providing a head start for Search ads when interest improves.

    Hitting the Threshold
    There are many advertising features in Google Ads and social media that only activate once a threshold has been reached. For example, if you hit enough website visitors, you are allowed to retarget adverts showing them to website visitors for 30 days or more, a great way to reinforce your value-add to increase the chances of conversion. This also activates another feature called similar audiences which shows adverts to people who fit the same profile as successful website visitors. Both of these tools are very effective strategies to get people back to your website, increase conversion and thereby increase SEO.

    Road Mapping Success
    As well as the quality of management, the quality of your client's website has a significant impact on their digital marketing. Firstly, a large component of Quality Score for Google Search has to do with website quality. So much so, your client can gain up to a 30% reduction in cost per click. Secondly, a fantastic looking website increases visitor conversion rate, sometimes doubling or even tripling. When presented with this data, it will become clear to your client that investing in a custom website is a win-win for their digital marketing.


    The first example is a goods based business using Google Search as their main lead generator. They started with a template based website, but after seeing results, invested in a custom website. Conversion rate of the website doubled from 2.5% to 5%, while together with campaign management reduced the cost per click by 55% from $3.30 to $1.50. If this client had a budget of $1000/month, they would have started with 8 leads per month and finished with 33, over four times the conversion.

    The second example is a service based business who also invested in a custom website after seeing the data. Their conversion rate tripled from 4% to 12%, while cost per click for their Search campaign dropped 60% from $2.50 to $1.00. On a $1000/month budget, they would have started with 16 leads and finished with 120, nearly an eight fold improvement.